Raga Junglism: Hindustani Classical selections

Rāga Junglism is George Howlett’s current project, haphazardly focused on fusing rhythmic ideas from the rich traditions of jungle, funk, jazz, and Hindustani Classical music [recordings coming soon]. George studied tabla and sitar in North India under the instruction of Pandit Shivnath Mishra, and plays both these instruments on the Bristol scene along with guitar and santoor. He has recorded for BBC1, performed at Hindu religious ceremonies, and written about topics such as rhythm theory and how harmonic interaction is modelled by our dreaming minds. Outside of music he is an activist, running a network that pushes to improve corporate ethical behaviour via organising like-minded employees from the inside of companies. If you are currently reading Música Macondo while procrastinating from your desk job then join up and find others who seek to inject wider meaning and purpose into the drudgery of office life.

While studying in India, George swore an oath to his guru and the goddess Saraswati, promising to spread the endless fascinations of Hindustani Classical music to a wider audience when he got back to Britain. This playlist is an offering in this regard.



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