The Source – DJ IJJ

DJ IJJ is back at exploring the darkest and dustiest vinyl crates to be found. This mix is all about West-Africa and includes fascinating and beautiful music from Benin, Guinea, Senegal, Nigeria, Ghana and Ivory Coast. All original vinyl of course. Expect raw latin, deep highlife, mad juju and hypnotic afrobeat from the original source.


Miriam Makeba – Teya Teya – 1970 Guinea

African Brothers Band – Di Wo Kunu Ni – 1968 Ghana

Emperor Pick Peters – Olowo Lo Lowo – 1978 Nigeria

Idowu Animasawun & His Lisabi Brothers International – Ori Inu – 1975 Nigeria

Bembeya Jazz National – Armee Guineenne – 1968 Guinea

King Meissa N’Gom – Fatema – 1970 Senegal

K. Frimpong’s Band – Nkokohweree Mmienu – 1969 Ghana

Gnonnas Pedro – Liberation Sinde – Benin

Yelouassi Adolphe & T.P Orchestre Poly-Rythmo – Huankpe Dje Mi – 1980 Benin

Black Santiago – Noude Le Mabou – 1970 Benin

Tima Gbahi – Ngazignon Ivory Coast


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