Brazilian producer Gama releases dreamy ‘Microscopic Cookbook’ on Chill Mountain

Gama is a multidisciplinary artist born in a small city in the metropolitan area of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Having grown up in a conservative city Gama has adopted a polysemic and enigmatic posture on zir music making a way to express zir androgynous uncategorizable being. Without words or images, Gama distorts and combines genres, environments and cultures setting up a dream-like patchwork narrative.

The music was what first made Gama join the infamous Voodoohop community in early 2016, and since then has been contributing to the collectives work. Gama has also collaborated with audiovisual productions and installations, such as VJ Suave’s virtual reality installation: “The essential is invisible to the eyes” – He is currently investigating collective creation and performance art. Gama has no fixed base at the moment.

His latest work the Microscopic Cookbook is out today on Tape via Japanese label Chill Mountain Records.

We asked Gama for some words about this beautiful piece of work:

“Microscopic Cookbook is a guide to experience the micro and the macro, it contains magical recipes to become as little as a tardigrade or as tall as the clouds, after the transformation the listener is invited to travel to different landscapes and environments to change their perspectives.

It was slow cooked for almost a year, inspired by spending time in between nature and the city, in different climates and temperatures, surrounded by different people and psyches. Laterly the artwork had an important role on developing the idea of the album, which only starting taking form at this point. It was an organic process of exchanges between the visual artist Lua Machado and myself. The drawings totally fit with the child-like dreamy soundscape but also the intricate narrative…”

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