Gnonnas Pedro – “Man Who Sung In All African Languages”

Gnonnan Sossou Pierre Kouassivi, better known as Gnonnas Pedro was one of the most revered Beninese and West-African musicians to date. He was a singer, salsero, trumpeter, saxophonist, guitarist, dancer, fashion icon and above all an entertainer. Known for his love of Cuban music, with his bands Sus Panchos and Ses Dadjes, he created and played music in five decades and did basically everything including his native Beninese rhythm agbadja, latin, highlife, funk, afrobeat, soukous and even rock.

Little known outside Africa and France Pedro rose to bigger international fame when he joined the African supergroup Africando in 1996 and did many of his old songs in new versions with the group. This mix includes some of Pedro’s hits and also unknown tracks from his now very rare self published singles from 1960’s to early 1980’s. Pedro, who passed away in 2004 was much loved everywhere in West-Africa and beyond and during his life earned a fitting nickname “Man who could sing in all African languages”. For his first instalment of the year DJ IJJ is back exploring some of the rarer cuts from El Salsero.


Gnonnas Pedro Y Sus Panchos De Cotonou – L’indomptable Gnonnas Pop

Gnonnas Pedro And His Dadjes Band International – Adigbedoto

Gnonnas Pedro And His Dadjes Band – I Feel Alright

Gnonnas Pedro & His Dadjes Band – Atimawun Dagamasi

Gnonnas Pedro – How Much Love Naturaly Coast

Gnonnas Pedro Y Sus Panchos De Cotonou – Man Won Wouo

Gnonnas Pedro & His Dadjes Band – La Musica En Verite

Gnonnas Pedro & Ses Dadjes – Gamale Ameci

Gnonnas Pedro & Ses Dadjes – Bon Anniversaire

Gnonnas Pedro And His Dadjes Band – A Ma Fille

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