Macondo Sessions at Brilliant Corners

Música Macondo is excited to present Macondo Sessions at Brilliant Corners, where we invite some of our favourite musicians down to take us through their record collections and give us an insight into what shaped their musical identity.

We don’t often get to see musicians in a DJ context and we thought it would be a great idea to allow them to express themselves through their records rather than through their instrument.

This time round we have invited three friends of the Macondo family:

Alya Al-Sultani is a singer, composer and producer based in London, UK. Alya has just recorded Love & Protest, the debut album with her new collective, Collective X. Collective X features Orphy Robinson, Pat Thomas, Dave Ital, Cleveland Watkiss, Mark Sanders, Neil Charles, Robert Menzel and Clemens Christian Poetzsch. Jazz is a constant thread through all of the music she makes – method, aesthetic, structure, rebellion, politics.

Jake Long is a drummer and bandleader of Afro-spiritual Jazz outfit Maisha. They play original music inspired by the sounds of artists such as Alice Coltrane and Pharoah Sanders, fused with West African and Afro Beat Rhythms. He is also an integral part of the burgeoning London Jazz Scene , being part of many projects including Poppy Ajudha and ‘Idiom’ – Joe Armon-Jones and Maxwell Owin.

Emma-Jean Thackray is an award-winning London based jazz trumpeter, flugel player and producer. She has recently received the Emerging Excellence award from Help Musicians. She brings fresh ideas to the music by fusing experimental beats and deep brass grooves of her Walrus EP, one of Bandcamp’s top jazz releases of 2016.

Recorded at the end of last summer at the audiophile venue in East London.

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