Premiere: Gerardo Frisina – Mulata

Gerardo Frisina has made himself a name in the international scene thanks to his original blend of jazz, latin music and electronic music. He is one of the artists that have shaped renowned Italian label Schema Records’ sound since the beginning of the label, and many of his tracks have only been released on 10″ and 12″ vinyl. His latest LPs, Olympia and Blue Latin” are no exception: many have asked for a CD release, which is now finally made available.

Modern Latin Jazz is far more than a simple reproduction of the two titles above: first, it’s a 2-CD set, for a total of two and a half hours of music that has never seen the light in this format.

Some tracks, coming from several EPs, some of which are now hard to find, have also been reworked for this special release. The collection is completed by four bonus tracks, songs that were still unreleased, coming from the Blue Latin sessions. The musical coordinates of Modern Latin Jazz are virtually identified by the title itself: a jazz basic structure mainly contaminated by Afro, Cuban and Brazilian influences, all transposed into a present-day dance floor context.

An essential at Música Macondo, it combines new compositions with others that never appeared on CD before, we are very excited to premiere our favourite track on the album ‘Mulata’. It’s out on the 20th November on Schema Records.

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