Premiere: Y-Bayani & Baby Naa – Rehwe Mie Enyim

Our first premiere of the year comes from Berlin’s Philophon Records, a new single courtesy of  Freedom poet Y-Bayani.

This time he’s supported by the great voice of Baby Naa. Baby Naa was just hanging out at the studio in Accra (Ghana) when the recordings of Rehwe Mie Enyim took place. The crew was waiting desperately for a singer to back up Y-Bayani. The producer, knowing that she sings at church every Sunday, asked Baby Naa to do the missing part. Then something occurred that nobody was expecting and eventually everybody was happy that the original singer hadn’t made it. Rehwe Mie Enyim is a unique example of how roots-reggae can sound today. You can buy the record from the Philophon Bandcamp page here.

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